Is macro-influencer still effective?

With the increasing number of micro-influencers bringing a new spin to marketing, and generating more interest among younger generations, are we moving away from the Macro? Micro-influencers are attractive, great at building relationships, increasing followers and are more cost effective.  They are fast becoming specialists in the field and their authenticity and transparency is appealing. 

It begs the question… Is macro-influencing still effective? Surely, nothing beats having a certain Beyoncé or Tom Holland advertising your brand because their fanbase is huge, right? But we cannot neglect how other, smaller influencers are winning the hearts of the people. 

The macro-environment is more general and it can have a big effect on how all business groups operate, perform, make decisions, and form strategies simultaneously. The factors that build a macro-environment can be economic, demographic forces, technological factors, natural and physical forces, political and legal forces, and social and cultural forces and having a macro-influencer to model your campaign or brand requires a really detailed plan from your team before you get your business involved. 

Is macro-influencing still effective? Yes but just as any other influencer strategy, it has its fair share of disadvantages too. The biggest con of macro influencers is the cost. Don’t have enough budget? Then scratch the idea of getting one. However even though a business could pay a lot for one macro-influencer, they bring with them followers, business, new leads, and customers. The return is guaranteed, low risk, and can be astronomical. Considering their big audience, your brand has a greater chance of swimming in the ocean, and getting out of the smaller pool. Attractive a macro-influencer can turn an average business into a huge business overnight. 

Sounds nice right? Just imagine your billboard being flashed around the world in the middle of a traffic jam, more eyes are likely to see it. Now the question is this, do you really want a celebrity to showcase your brand? Another downfall of that is a lower engagement rate which is understandable because these people are busy individuals with a hectic schedule to follow. So if you are a business which is beginning to grow, maybe you can also consider to have a micro or nano influencer to flaunt your business.

Getting a celebrity to endorse your business can lead to overnight success and stardom.  Where is the authenticity, the integrity and the loyalty?  

More fame can bring more problems, so before investing in a Macro-Influencer, make sure that you have the foundations in place to cope with that success. 

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