IT Set Up for SMEs

Technology is transforming the economy. IT makes life easier and simplifies processes for businesses of all sizes. Having a strong IT Set up in your company can increase profits, efficiency and productivity. Innovation provides more time for businesses to think about their next step towards growth as Digital innovations are providing cost-effective answers to the challenges faced by many organisations. The improved Information Technology (IT) set up for SMEs enables them to be more competitive when it comes to customer service and employee management like how AI (artificial intelligence) is automating processes and improving route planning, resource allocation, scheduling and monitoring. 

It is not just the businesses who are benefiting from technology also those who work in the gig economy wherein, a number of other technologies and software are being used. For that, when it seems like the whole world is turning towards the use of IT, what is stopping your business from adapting to such innovation? Here are some IT set ups for SMEs that you might want to apply so that workflow becomes time and cost-effective.

IT Set up for SMEs
  • Payroll and timesheets – gone are the days of time consuming manual processes of entering attendance. Today, employees can report their activities and hours online, which feeds into timesheets and an automated payroll system in just a click of a button. In fact, with the right formulas, it can even compute your employee taxes and benefits and produce a pay slip, and disburse your money. The whole paying people process can be automated.
  • Expense management – save more time in managing your employees’s expenses if  they take a picture of their receipts for travel, meals or other expenses. An application like Quickbooks, helps the tracking of expenses and provides easier reporting to the business’ accounting records.

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