Job ideas for midlife career change

You are eager to make that midlife career change however, you do not know which path you should travel down after leaving your old profession. For instance, your first career was as a teacher but after so many years, you want to switch to being a vlogger. Midlife career changes are normal and there is nothing wrong with leaving the job you once chose when you feel like it is time to pursue another one. Nothing is ever too late as long as you have the capability to perform the tasks you are keen on. 

Here are some reasons why middle aged people opt to switch their career: 

  1. To improve work life balance
  2. Poor relationships with co-workers or managers
  3. Lack of interest
  4. Company closure
  5. Relocation

As you can see, these are just a few examples why people would choose to leave a certain profession and it does not really follow if you are a young adult or someone close to the retiring age. If you really want to change your career, here are some job ideas for midlife career change that may require no or little knowledge about the profession…

  1. Delivery driver – the advent of delivery applications as well as ride-hailing companies like Uber is increasing the demand for having people who can be part of this workforce. 
  1. Bartender – this may require you to undergo training or a class but being a bartender might interest you if you want to start learning a new skill while still earning money. This job may also give you opportunities to socialize with people that may also increase your network.  It is also a keen passion for some people in middle age, alcohol is something that you might enjoy.
  1. Customer Service Representative – if you like to stay at home most of the time but want to find a source of income, applying for a CSR position is a good shot for anyone. This job requires effective communication skills that middle aged individuals might have experienced after years of working in a different company and dealing with people for almost all their life.
  1. Freelance writer or editor – never running out of creative juices or simply just wanting to strengthen your grammar and skills. There are people who are looking for freelancers who can be their writer or editor for a certain website. All you have to do is prepare your portfolio or your showreel, in case you are looking for this kind of work.  These days, more people are on the internet for longer.  It might be time to write.
  1. Make-up artist – who said make-up is only for the young? With the internet, you can access tutorials and make-up classes online. 

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