Jobs that you can do in winter while quarantined

Bad weather, blue weather, whatever the reason might be, many jobs and many offices are affected during the winter months. As the cold comes in from the Western and Northern part of the British Isles, and sweeps down the country, businesses, transport services, jobs and offices are all affected every year. This makes working outdoors for seasonal jobs during the Winter season very challenging, and with the added challenges of COVID-19, this could be a harsh winter indeed. 

The recession across the first and second quarter of 2020 and the lockdowns that ensued were the most challenging that the UK Economy has had to endure, as the pandemic froze much of our economic activity. After recovering only half of the lost output in the UK GDP fell by 6.6%,. Forcing many economists to speculate whether any growth can continue through winter.

From the emergence of the pandemic, we can see how the government has taken swift actions to save lives and limit the spread of the disease. However, the overwhelming rise of unemployment due to COVID19 in the UK has forced the country’s leaders to try to mitigate the damage to the economy. As the spread of the virus slowed down over the summer, businesses were gradually allowed to operate after complying with new government interventions. It is still not possible to open every job or business as the threat is still here. For that, people are finding new jobs to survive. 

Jobs you can apply during winter even at home:

  1. Call Center Representatives – ever wonder who answers the calls you make when ordering online? They are call centre representatives who can work comfortably from their own homes. With Christmas holidays just around the corner, there are several work-from-home opportunities available for this position.
  1. Bookkeeper – the snow could soon be upon us as the winter season approaches. Shovel in some cash as a tax preparer, especially for the end of the year finances and tax calculations are necessary at this time of year.  
  1. Sell Seasonal Holiday Goods – the series of lockdowns has affected us emotionally, physically, and financially. However, some people have discovered new hobbies and skills. If you still have your creative juices flowing, then you can begin crafting holiday goods and sell them online. 

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