For some people, especially those who were used to the traditional work-setting, the growing gig economy must be a lot to take in. According to Gallup, 36% of U.S. workers (freelance or independent) engage in the gig economy for a primary wage or to supplement their current income. For Millennials and Generation Z, participating in the gig economy will be the optimal choice for the majority as it offers a great work-and-life balance. 

Companies are starting to adjust their positions and how their workforce looks, a lot of companies are moving away from full-time employees and leaving a larger proportion of vacancies for freelancer positions. A 2020 report by Intuit stated that more than 80% of large US-based companies will increase their use of nontraditional workers in the coming years. With these movements, it is necessary for workforces to prepare for the future changes

Being knowledgeable in speaking and writing more than one language is an advantage in the tight labour market. Having foreign language knowledge is a skill that can come in handy when an individual tries to sell a product, be an online tutor or editor or even speak to customers in different countries. This skill is a benefit for anyone as it makes communication to potential clients easier. 

Using E-learning Platforms to support and enhance their skills will boost the profile of Giggers and make you more appealing to employers. This will allow workers to be trained, and have certificates or qualifications which they can add to their gig profiles.

If you know your typing speed, your IQ, your learning style, that will help employers know you better. You can do personality questionnaires and psychometric tests to give employers a better understanding of your personality and abilities. If you can show references, or a portfolio of past work, employers will understand you more and see that you are organised and proactive. 

If you have attended conferences, read some e-books, completed some training, earned some certificates, gone to networking events, listened to podcasts, lectures or seminars, they can all combine to show a fuller picture to employers. 

There is a lot of training available online for people who look for it, and it can all benefit future applications and boost your gigger profile.

If an employer needs to hire someone for a short term project, the less training that person needs, the better for the employer. If the employer has a detailed Job Specification, that helps, if they know exactly what they are looking for, and the skills that they want that person to have, the employment process can be fast and efficient.  Employers and recruitment managers should be trained in how to choose the right staff for the right jobs, and how to expedite training.

Working together will benefit the Gig Economy from the employer and the employee perspective.

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