Life After Layoff In The Gig Economy

When you lose your job, there can be significant stress and worry. It happens in full time work, but happens more commonly in the gig economy. Contracts end, businesses look for more experienced people, or they look for different skills to meet their pressing needs.

Gig workers benefit from more freedom and autonomy, but they often sacrifice security for these advantages. As the Covid-19 pandemic altered the trajectory of our way of life, the business sector was severely impacted by the pandemic’s negative effects. There are a lot of adjustments and cost-cutting activities that employees, regardless if you are a freelancer or not, are all forced to accept. The news of being laid-off, unrenewed contracts, or even terminated projects was commonplace and a daily occurrence that requires close attention and awareness from the people concerned.

Life after a layoff in the gig economy? 

Well, you may not be a regular employee of a certain company but being laid off as a freelancer is much like not getting a new project from your longtime client. Simply put, it has nothing to do with how well you have done the job because the risk of being cut off is out of your or your client’s control. While many laid off regular workers found temporary work in the “Gig Economy,” it’s important to remember that success in this industry is not guaranteed. If you are considering being a freelancer, you should be aware of the drought seasons. You won’t always have work, and despite what the ads say, it’s not simple to get new clients.

So, what is life after being laid off as a freelancer? 

Simple! It is maintaining your regular routine. You wake up at your usual hour, squeeze in your workout, and go about your day as if you were insanely busy. You don’t slack and wait for projects to come by. As a freelancer, you hustle harder through constantly reaching out to possible networks, you continue to grow your portfolio, and then, you think carefully about your strategy and determine whether you need to make any changes to the way you market yourself in the Gig Economy.

Keeping busy keeps you healthy and keeps you connected to others who can help. You never know where that next project will come from. 

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