Making a midlife career change

There are businesses and established companies that recognise the privilege and benefit of hiring more experienced workers. These individuals have fresh perspectives and skill sets from other types of jobs, and lots of transferable skills. Sadly this does not always equate to making a lot of money, which is unfortunate if you are in a financial crisis. For many people making a midlife career change is less about the money and more about gaining experience, following a passion, doing something worthwhile. Getting out of a bad situation that can feel like a trap that you fell into in your 20’s. 

Well, it is understandable that not all middle age people have the same mindset. It is alright. Here are some fears that most of them think before they make that huge leap of faith.

  • afraid of the reaction – they are afraid of the disapproving looks and words from their loved ones, colleagues and dependents. If you are used to a certain standard of living, and you risk that on a new career, there will be people with concerns. It might be a dream career, but is it worth the risk? 
  • afraid of not earning – the start of a new job is not always well paid. That’s why many people are stuck in a place they are not happy in. They fall back on the excuse “because the job pays the bills”.  By the time you reach middle age, you have children, a car, a house, and responsibilities that all require a certain level of income.  There might be a National Minimum Wage – but there is also a “You” Minimum wage.
  • afraid that the decision is entirely wrong – making a midlife career change is about pursuing what you want but hindrances such as self doubt, worry and stress are things that get in the way.  If you are making a career change, be the change that you want to make, and commit to the process. 

With all that, what do you do? Do you stay in the comfort of what you know but do not enjoy? Or do you take that big jump? Whatever will happen, happens.  Let’s hope it will all turn out for the best?

So, how should you determine what is best for you? That begins by understanding yourself and determining what matters most for you. 

  1. List down your top 5 dream jobs
  2. List down your hobbies and interests
  3. List down 5 of your most valuable skills
  4. Take a career aptitude test
  5. Seek professional advice

Listen to your heart and seek out what it is that you truly want to do. You could start it part time, in the Gig Economy, and build it up.  Or you could just take the leap of faith. 

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