Managing Gig Economy Workforce

For a business to prosper it must have competent employees to work on various tasks to achieve one goal to success. Typically work is organised in tasks and grouped by capabilities however the challenge in workforce management relies not on whether the team physically interacts with each other but on the effectiveness of communication and that lies with the leadership. Remember that every employee is an individual, very different from all others maybe it in religion, culture, politics, or work ethics. So if handling and managing a team is physically exhausting imagine managing them from different parts of the world, or in remote locations. This is the reality in the Gig Economy where employees are contractual and most likely work from home. Moreover, as COVID-19 forced society to adhere to the ‘new normal’ where almost all businesses are shifting to the use of digital technology, how can a leader manage the Gig workforce? 


A manager should always approach problems in two important ways, comfortability and effectiveness. This can cause quite a dilemma if the situation includes having to choose between whether it is important to feel comfortable with your team even if they struggle to cooperate and communicate or if it is more important to get the work done as the gig employee really stands out in his/her job. As a recommendation, a leader should be very focused on assessing feelings and to not let it hamper work.

Manage Expectations

The gig economy is a result of knowledge and services orientation; however, it is also important to manage your expectations for gig workers as there’s one thing that’s a recipe for disaster. If you hit your employees with unexpected terms, fees, and performance results, they are less likely to perform for you. Providing a detailed breakdown of the project description might be helpful to not let your employee lose focus and effectiveness through the process of designing the work themselves. Moreover, open communication is commended to ensure that no information will be misunderstood.


One of the best skills of effective management is the ability to feel with your employees. As the saying goes, to understand someone’s condition, you need to walk a mile in their shoes. Every person is different thus, it also requires a different approach to make them feel connected to the job. This would motivate them thus, leading to a positive work environment.

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