Mindful work breaks for work from home

Taking a break is not always about switching your mind off, but rather about changing gears. Now that we are quarantined working from our homes for how many months now and how the prime minister’s decision to urge people to work from home has led to a marked drop in commuting. It is necessary to remind ourselves about the importance of mental being and looking after ourselves properly. 

Many of us have a tendency to skip eating at work until we’re so hungry that we end up wolfing down something we know isn’t good for us. Delaying meals is dangerous not just for our physical health but also affects our ability to think. Find yourself some fruit and nuts as healthy options. Practice appreciating the flavor and the texture as you eat, rather than filling your mouth until your stomach feels full while you scroll Facebook.

Aside from the usual gossip columns and horoscopes, our brain also needs educational and news feeds. Applications like Pocket enable you to create a reading list in advance, so that when you get some time to rest, you can easily find something meaningful to read.

Now that we’re remotely working, we have been used to spending most of our time sitting in front of a computer. This can make us forget that we have other body parts too aside from our eyes and a demanding stomach. One easy way to be mindful of your body is to give yourself a neck massage. This allows you to reconnect with your muscles and your skin – and offsetting the likelihood of a stiff back at the end of the day.

Exercise, stretch, walk around, go up and downstairs, try not to lay down for too long, try to keep as active as you can do, even in the limitations of your home.

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