More Life and Less Work in the Gig Economy

One remarkable quote by Hilary Clinton says, “don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” This statement clearly advises people to not let work be our life because there are other things in life that a person should do to have a sense of self. In research conducted by the American Institute of Stress, 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress and that businesses lose up to $300 billion annually as a result of workplace stress that was caused by heavy workloads, deadlines, and demanding bosses. If stress goes untreated, it might lead to depression and anxiety which is not healthy for anyone. The avoidance of work-placed stress is one of the reasons that people move into the gig economy. The increased flexibility in work hours and independence can be a great stress reliever.

Self-worth and Self-employment 

The idea of not having to adhere to rules and restrictions is appealing to most people. Traditional paid work restrictions, policies and processes, working schedules set by bosses and commuting are some of the reasons that people refer to when asked why they moved into the gig economy. Giggers often say that being your own boss boosts self-confidence and concentration skills, as well as organisational skills and often means that they have even more time in their day for the things that they love. Moreover, self-employed workers reported improved mental health, thus, these gig workers realize their self-worth and increase their happiness.

Better Relationship

According to the Client of Choice Study, client-employee relationships also became better as two parties have the ability to choose who they want to work with. Building rapport with clients is another positive of the Gig economy, it is like you have even more friends and you increase your social circle, you get invited to even more office parties, and have the chance for even more office romances. Having better relationships with people around the business helps any individual grow positively. 

Your social circle grows, your health improves, your colleagues increase, your finances are controlled, your available time in the day is used productively, you set your own schedule and can work where you want, when you want and with whom you want. 

With so many benefits of the Gig Economy, you can clearly see why it is on the rise.

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