Non-traditional Employee Benefits

Non-traditional Employee Benefits

Employers are finding it increasingly challenging to hire and keep qualified personnel in today’s competitive economy. Some firms are broadening their benefit offerings to include more out-of-the-box benefits in order to attract new employees and retain current ones. Many employees, particularly those considered top talent or with a skill in great demand, now anticipate standard perks such as paid vacation, medical insurance, and so on. As a result, firms trying to differentiate themselves from the competition are also providing non-traditional benefits that may just tip the scales in their favour when making hiring decisions.

Benefits that offer work-life balance and have a focus on wellness are making it on employers’ checklists as some of the top perks to offer.

Paid Family Leave

Providing time off for new parents and caregivers is on the rise as being very important to employees. Employers offering paid parental leave increased between 2016 and 2019, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) annual benefits survey, released in June 2019. The following leaves increased over two years, maternity 9%, paternity 8%, adoption 8%, foster child 8% and surrogacy 6%.   

Bring Your Kids To Work Day

One fun perk that some larger businesses take part in, is allowing employees to bring their kids into the office on certain predetermined dates. 

Onsite Healthy Snacks

Having healthy snack options provided at the workplace is valued when making an employment decision. Providing free food is beneficial in making employees feel valued and encourages employees to socialize and collaborate.

Sleep Pods

Sleep pods are exactly what they sound like, a single celled space for a person to nap when they are tired, which is often straight after lunch. Although many traditional business executives feel that sleeping at work is a dismissable offense, others see the value and it has become an attractive workplace benefit. 

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