Pandemic Tech Support: How to troubleshoot from a safe distance?

Your Wi-Fi is poor, the software application tools you’re utilising are puzzling, and your desktop computer is not cooperating with the demands of your work. In summary, you are on your own with your technological issues since you do not have an I.T. department that can run to your table and fix your tech troubles. Technological advances have aided in the facilitation of remote work, which has numerous advantages, but it is also necessary to emphasize the drawbacks that remote workers suffer with. 

According to the New York Times, unreliable internet access, poor video connections, software applications that are too broadly customised, and inconvenient workspaces are by far the most typical work-from-home tech complaints that slow down employee efficiency. At the same time, we cannot blame companies for enforcing remote work since the COVID-19 virus transmission is more of an area of concern. 

This article is your pandemic tech support and we will give you basic tech hacks on how to troubleshoot from a safe distance (at your home and on your own). 

Triage your problem from least to major tech concern – Take a breath and halt for a bit. Resetting or turning off and on your device clears its memory and may solve the procedure that created the problem. Unplug and replug everything. Is your smartphone not charging? Test a different cable. Assessing for the most obvious issues first might save you a lot of time and trouble.

Update your software Software upgrades provide several advantages. It all boils down to modifications. These may involve patching identified security vulnerabilities and correcting or eliminating computer bugs. Updates can introduce new functionality to your devices while also removing outdated ones.

Report in detail to your IT – When reporting your situation, be accurate and straightforward. End users frequently fail to give the information required for an IT specialist to identify an issue which adds more difficulty for them to walk you throughout the process digitally. 

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