Personal Shoppers during Covid

Everyone in the retail sector is aware that the world is constantly changing, owing to changing consumer behavior and technical advances. There is a lot of discussion on all of the techniques and tactics that are used, and also the innovative approaches which retail marketers are using to engage with their consumers.

Personal shoppers do just as their name implies: they shop for people who lack the time, energy, or skills to do so personally. Clients hire them to shop for a range of items, varying from clothing to jewelry to more personal items, based on experience. Personal shoppers can work as consultants or for department or boutique stores and then they can work on their own or for a small business. The hours of an independent personal shopper can be unpredictable. When a client demands a meeting to discuss style preferences, upcoming activities or occasions, favourite shops and boutiques, and the overall budget, a personal shopper must be available to attend to such concerns.

Retailers must reject the notion that business would return to “normal.” There is no going back to how things were and even before the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic downturn, brick-and-mortar stores were at odds with Amazon and other e-commerce giants. Those difficulties have now escalated at a breakneck pace. 

Personal Shopper Roma  is a Personal shopping and image consultancy located in London and Rome provides a range of fashion services, including wardrobe detoxing and shopping guides. Lookiero is the leading personal shopping service online for women in Europe, their styling fee is £10 and includes the detailed study of your style profile by a member of our Personal Shoppers team, a selection of 5 personalised garments adapted to your style, ideas and advice on how to combine your selection with your lifestyle. 

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