Popular search engines to use

Need to find something over the internet? Accessing your favorite social media site?  A web search engine or Internet search engine is a tool responsible to help us access those sites by the use of software that collects particular data through a web search. The role of internet search engines has become a necessity for the majority of people due to the demands of our daily life and the daily routine. Obviously, for those whose job involves using the internet, knowledge of good search engines and algorithms is crucial for receiving and sending information. 

You might be familiar with Google, which is of course a famous tech giant company that also contributed a lot of innovation to our society however, aside from that, there are also other popular search engines to use that you may or may not have heard off. 

According to Reliablesoft, a digital marketing agency, here are some of the popular search engines to use in 2021.
  1. Google– with a 78.23% worldwide market share in 2019, it has a dominant lead over its rival search engines.
  1. Microsoft Bing– there are previous search engines created by Microsoft like MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search. However in 2009, as Microsoft was challenged by Google, Bing is the result of the attempt of Microsoft to compete with Google but until now, its operators have not convinced users that the Bing search engine can be a reliable alternative to Google.
  1. Yahoo– Yahoo is powered by Bing, so search results are incredibly similar between the two search engines. 
  1. Baidu– as China’s largest search engine, Baidu is able to receive over 75% of China’s search market. Baidu’s search engine is quite similar to Google aside that the search engine is translated in Mandarin.
  1. Yandex– If you want to create traffic in the Russian domain, Yandex is a good option to use, with 65% of total Russian search traffic. Yandex is also used in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Belarus

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