Popular web designs for SMEs

You might think that building a website for your business is now considered old school; following trends in social media, a lot of start ups are wondering if creating a website is necessary. The answer to that is simple. It is either yes or no. 

Yes, a website creates an aura of credibility and increases potential reach, it allows you to put all your products and services in the public domain quickly and easy for customers around the world to find. 

No because your company might be a small company, only offering local services to local people. 

If you are one of the business owners who thinks that owning a domain is not necessary then you can gladly stop scrolling, also, you are on the internet right now, looking at a website that is here to help you, so surely you see the benefit already. 

If you are someone who is interested in building a website then here are some popular web designs you can take inspiration from: 

Minimalist Web Design

The goal of this design is to focus only on the important details of your business and eliminate other unnecessary designs, forms, and concepts. This design is typically ideal for retail clothing stores as it showcases your products more with its basic design idea. 

Involved Illustrations

Since illustration has been a huge part of websites for a long time, there are detailed illustrations with animation that really help to grab the attention of the users and can be used as another way to communicate with visitors.

Dark Mode

In a world full of distraction you need a website that is easy on the eyes and sleek, modern, clean and simple. Customers choose with their eyes when it comes to surfing the internet, so if the website is a mess, or bright with small font and uninviting colours, people will move on. In Dark Mode your design makes color elements and graphics pop. Dark screens are better than OLED screens as it also saves screen and energy power of our mobile gadgets, and ultimately, they are easier on the eyes.

Responsive Design

Whether it is for fun or to address a customer’s concern or a guest’s inquiry, or to sell products, there is a website design that will react and respond based on a user’s device. More than 50% of internet usage is now via mobile devices, your website and forms MUST fit the screens of the users, to enhance the user experience. 

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