Preserving Company Culture Even On Lockdown

A business organisation needs to have a certain culture, a positive culture, a culture of support, growth, training, retention, camaraderie, openness and transparency………. A culture of excellence. 

Culture is how employees and management should handle transactions and communications with each other and with customers. A company’s culture is not defined by the managers and owner but expressly implied from the people the company hires. A business culture can be observed through the focus on employee’s well-being, work-life balance, or having a friendly work-environment. 

But for all that, preserving a working environment in a time of crisis (COVID-19) is it still possible to maintain the business culture when most of the workforce opt to work remotely? 

To provide some inspiration, here are some of the ways SMEs can preserve business culture even on lockdowns: 

Go back to your values

To preserve a business culture, as an owner, you should determine the vision and mission of your business and make sure that everyone, from the founding team through to the new hires, top management down to all staff, are all engaged with the vision and mission. Clearly communicate your business’ values to your team and let them know that you are rooting for them to achieve their goals. Their goals and the company goals are aligned. 

Give what is due

When an employee does a good job, before lockdown they might have received an extra days leave, or a gift certificate or a bonus. The good thing is you can still give them a reward even with lockdowns. There are restaurants that offer take-out service that you can deliver to an employee who deserves a reward for a job well done. It is a great thing to have your efforts appreciated by a boss and could motivate employees to perform better than usual. 

Be Proactive

Everyone is new to virtual work. Not all employees have the same level of understanding of a task. One effective way to ensure no one is left behind is to be proactive. You can organise a mentorship program or develop leaders for mentorship to ensure that every member is working towards the same objectives. 

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