Productivity in the age of information overload

We have the Internet, newspapers, TV, radio, Social Media, private radio, conspiracy theories, blogs, online diaries…… so much information to choose from. If we want to research something every possible viewpoint is just a few clicks away. How do we know what is right, what to trust, what to believe? 

There is so much information out there to read, absorb and understand that it can be a huge distraction. The dependence on social media can be one reason why we are fed by so many news stories from so many different perspectives. This golden age of digital technology has created an era of information overload, and it can easily lead to a crowded mind. And worse, a confused generation. 

Is it better to be overexposed? Surely we can get more ideas, more knowledge, more awareness from so much information. But for some, it is a distraction. It raises the question of how to handle information overload? Some people can get too caught up using social media so much so that they forget their tasks, and become absorbed into the lives of the micro-influencers, Vloggers, or Instafamous people who they follow. 

See below for just a few tips on how to be more productive in the age of information overload. 
  1. Manage your screen time – discipline is always important when it comes to the use of technology, computers and phones. It is important to set time allotted for media consumption so it would not take much of your day. 
  1. Know your priorities – if you can avoid using social media for a day to get other work done, great. If you can not fully avoid it, then make sure that you have a timer set on your phone or laptop, so you know when you have done enough time. When you know what to do, where you are going, and how to make things work, you have a sense of control.
  1. Don’t absorb everything – learn to filter the information you receive as all of what you put inside your mind can affect you both physically and mentally. As absorbing all information will not make us intelligent. In a study, it shows that ‘cognitive overload’ can lead to stress and indecisiveness.
  1. There are Apps that can turn off Social media, or block social media accounts during working hours. If you feel that you are easily distracted or losing control of your day to games or social media – block them out for a few hours. Password protect them, and give the password to a friend with a good memory! 

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