Protecting Your Children Against Online Gaming

Online competitions are growing in popularity with eSports even having professional players! Due to the competitive nature of the games, there can be friendly bullying, or there can be people who take it far too seriously. 

Videogames are a popular pastime, users may play multiplayer on a computer, game console, smartphone, or tablet with friends and strangers. Yet, the research found that 65% of internet gamers had been bullied. In addition, because of how quickly these games are developing, parents must always be on the lookout for new ways to ensure their children’s safety.

Parents worry about their kids’ internet gaming safety. Here are some tips to keep your kids safe when playing online games.

There are chat rooms in most games, these are monitored and some words are simply not allowed, but there are also YouTube channels dedicated to games, and Facebook groups that are less monitored and cyber-warriors could spout bad words from their keyboard. 

1. Check the game’s age rating

Be sure the online game your kid wants to play is acceptable for their age by reading reviews and ratings. Several games seem to be appropriate for kids at first sight, but upon closer study, they may contain improper content for children of a younger age.

2. Set parental restrictions

In many games, parents may limit their children’s access to certain features. Limiting their access to certain games or the amount of time they may spend on social media are just a few examples.

3. Educate children that “gaming friends” are still strangers

Players may easily hide their true identities while playing games, making it easy for predators to pose as youngsters and for younger players to pose as older ones. Kids’ online interactions may lead to real-world friendships with people who may pose a danger to their development.

4. Limit game time

Gaming should be regulated like any other device. Students should have downtime to do things like schoolwork, housework, and physical activity. It’s crucial to keep to online gaming time limitations, whether daily or weekly.

5. Become more engaged

Playing a game with your kid is a quick approach to checking its safety. See for yourself what resources they have at their disposal and who they are talking to. When deciding what kind of controls to give them, you may always play the game first.

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