Reasons to become an entrepreneur

The sun shines to give light, warmth and energy. If such creation serves a purpose, what more can humans create in their lifetime? People go to school to seek education, we practice our right to vote to express our freedom. If you notice, there is always a reason for everything we do. As we speak of reasons, I want you to answer this question at the end of this article. 

What are your reasons to not become an entrepreneur? 

If you are an employee, how long do you plan to stay at the bottom of the organisational chart? Well, I do not mean to offend people who are doing their job, I respect them. The point here is this – why stay as an employee when you can be a businessman at the same time? 

We know for sure that we will not be employees all our life for age is one factor of leaving. But if we think of the future, we can agree that having a business is a great source of income especially, for retirement age. 

Reasons to become an entrepreneur:
  1. Passionate about learning – owning a business requires constant search for innovation. Having the responsibility to discover new things is essential for businesses so that their services and products are upgrading. 
  1. There is no age barrier – even young people in their teenage years can start their own business or even those who are way past their prime years can start their business. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t care if you are too young or too old for what matters is you have the passion and discipline to turn your ideas into output. 
  1. Earn a living doing what you love – of course, you will have to operate a business that is close to your heart or else, it wouldn’t succeed because interest in it is forced. If you have been eager to do a specific type of business, you can practically make a good living out of it since it is something you are passionate about. 

If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. 

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