People say that “nothing beats the comfort of home” and for some, it is the reason why people opt to work from home. Data shows that a remote working set-up could be the best new innovation for the workforce.  All around the world, as more and more countries begin the progression of responding to COVID-19, companies and employees are trying to make the shift to remote work so they can keep work going hence, the creation of the term ‘new normal.’

For new people being introduced to remote working, a lot of adjustments and compromises need to be made but even people who are used to working remotely are finding it hard right now. Because today, everything is different.

Here are some of the challenges that virtual teams face:

·         Distraction by everything

·         Overworking

·         Language and cultural barriers

·         Digital Barriers

Furthermore, managers who have never handled remote workers, or never had adequate training had to face a few challenges too.

So what can you do?


1.  Implement your remote working policies

This is to ensure that the employees are neither overworked nor underworked. Providing balance is important. Time zones can kill communication in a remote team so to speak, specific business hours should be disclosed to employees to schedule their time allotted for work at home.

 2.  Invest in the best tools for remote teams

More than ever, unhampered communication tools are necessary for remote work. The right tools should be used for the team to communicate and collaborate effectively. In addressing remote work challenges you need a communication solution that helps you to take control of business communications easily.

3.  Connect with no agenda

In a traditional work setting it might be easy to make new friends and enjoy the company of your workmates without feeling isolated, when in a remote work set-up connections and socialisation can be difficult. This social isolation might cause some of your team members to feel lonely or demotivated.

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