Rental Nightmares

There are a few certainties in life. We will pay our taxes. We will die. We will experience a bad rental experience, or know someone who has! For those of us who are unlucky enough to experience a personal horror tale of our own, similar stories from our friends are all too common. For landlords, or for anybody who’s been in the real estate management market for a fair length of time, the idea of difficult renters is a not a sobering thought but a literal living nightmare; the idea of missing or damaged properties, delayed rent, rudeness toward you and other residents in the property, and several other concerns are all very obvious threats that each landlord faces when leasing someone new. Unfortunately, identifying these nightmares is not a simple one.

Top Rental Nightmares:

1. Almost never pay rent on time. Good renters pay rent on time. Bad renters don’t see regular rent payments as a priority. Rent payments must be made on time every month since this is one of the first and most significant tasks that a tenant is accountable for.

2. Mistreat the property. There are certain individuals who are like time bombs waiting to go off. They’re a whole mess. Some individuals damage things by mistake but a destructive tenant on the other hand is willfully careless.  These renters don’t care about your property and clearly don’t care about putting cracks in the walls. 

3. The Argumentative Tenant.  Some of your renters will be tough to deal with, no matter what you do. They may constantly whine or be hard to deal with while negotiating a lease or performing upkeep. You’ll want to avoid these troublesome renters in general if you want to have a good night’s sleep.

A landlord’s capacity to settle tenant complaints is fundamental to property management. These difficulties may be tenant-made but in any case, a landlord’s capability to confront these issues will determine if he/she will have a rental nightmare.

Please also consider it from the tenants perspective, there are good landlords and bad….. If we can find a good tenant, living under the roof of a good landlord, the world is a peaceful place!

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