Should freelancers stay with one client?

When you first begin your freelancing career there is almost always a doubt you ask yourself: can you get clients or not? Of course, being a freelancer your profit depends on them and with no clients you get no income. One of the biggest dilemmas faced by freelancers after landing their first client is…….. Should this client be the only client?

If you’re new to the gig economy, closing a deal for the very first time may tempt you to celebrate because of such accomplishment. But what if you can make more clients? Should you limit yourself to just one client?

When you limit yourself to just one client you are also limiting your work opportunities. Although there may be plenty of work available online, it is important to note that as the business ebbs and flows, it could slow you down. On the other hand, when the client’s business is thriving (which is good for them) it could possibly be a work burden to you if they only hire one freelancer for the job. 

Too much is dangerous but too few also could be harmful.


  • one way or another, you will be facing challenges with your client that could end badly. If you limit yourself to one client, you won’t have a fallback to pay your bills if that one ends.


  • without other clients to serve, you can be in danger of being taken advantage of. If your client asks for extra services, you will have a hard time saying no, since you fear losing the project. 


  • one trait of a successful freelancer is the constant focus on growing their skills and career. Same way, if you don’t get other gigs then you are wasting your skills and experience. 

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