Should We Work 3 Hours A Day

Have you asked yourself if working eight hours a day is really ideal? Or have you ever imagined working for only three hours in a day? In the United Kingdom, work hours should be no more than an average of 8 hours in each 24-hour period, averaged out over 17 weeks.  But what if we tell you that we should only work for 3 hours a day? Would you be in or not? 

According to BBPMedia, British employees are on average 8 percent per hour less productive than workers in the US and in fact, based on a nationwide survey, the average British office employee can get through just 3 hours of actual work per day and one out of ten Brits said that they only work overtime to look busy. Moreover, a study of 1000 British office workers reports that 64% of the respondents state that they are confident that they could fit their day’s work into a shorter period of time. 

If you are a freelancer, you have definitely more control of your time than those in the regular job. However, it can also be noted that as a freelancer the length of working hours depends on what type of project you are committed to at the moment. 

As a freelancer, no one will tell you how much time you should work every day. Our brains are not designed for long, intense hours of focus. The 3 hour working day may not apply to you if you are dealing with a restless client but it is certainly worth experimenting to see how you can actually reduce the number of working hours and work smarter. Now it may seem idealistic because a three hour per day work shift might sound weird, but what harm does it bring if you can actually finish all your tasks in just three hours or any number of hours less than the standard 8 hour shift, right?

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