In this fast paced modern world many full-time employees chose to do a part-time job after their day shifts end. This is called ‘having a side hustle’ wherein an individual decides to take an additional job not just for extra income but most often than not, to do what they are passionate about. For example, a university professor by day can be a Disco Jock at night because the professor is also passionate about music. The bottom line is that people take side hustles because there are professionals that tend to find other means to channel their skills or talents apart from through their main career. 

Do something that challenges you, something that pays the bills and something that you love.

According to the co-founder of Ready Set Rocket, “Side hustles afford you the ‘blue sky’ creativity that you need to grow… They bring together passion and purpose, and they help you think more like an entrepreneur.” Thus, having a side hustle can make an individual have Professional Development outside of work. 


Freelance Writing 

Allows you to make money working from home by trading your time and ideas in the form of words. You can be a Creative Writer, SEO writer, or a Technical Content Writer. 


As a teacher or a facilitator of knowledge, or a coach, you can get paid to tutor online. Moreover, being a tutor is now easier as many more things can be done online. 

Start a Vlog/Blog 

Monetizing through the use of the Internet is a modern trend especially when creating a YouTube channel is fast and is absolutely free. Although finding the right niche audience and topic and video content might take time to produce a decent income, it is still a good idea for any professional to start this type of gig and can be a productive outlet.

There are also side hustles that allow an individual to extend their professional service even after their full-time work and most of these gig works can be found online too: 


Lawyers can use the site to take on additional clients by applying to the posted jobs or replying to clients’ requests for specific help online.

Nomad Health 

If you’re a doctor, nurse, or a medical employer, you can use Nomad for free. This site is an online marketplace that cuts out the middleman that usually earns a fee for connecting medical professionals with hiring facilities.


Is a community of software developers and designers. The Gigster project managers match you to projects that bill clients on a fixed-price basis and sets the project’s budget. This platform is good for Computer Programmers.

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