Signs that you have too many clients

A common misconception about freelancing is the more clients you have the more money you make. That is not the case for many. Yes, it is nice to have clients asking for your services. As it is an indication that you are doing a good job as a freelancer.  It is good to accept projects but there is always a limit. You know when you have reached your limit, because you start to make mistakes. Pressure and stress can build up and mistakes can happen. Knowing your limits can help to reduce that pressure. If your hands are full, how can you manage other important tasks efficiently? 

When are too many clients too much? 

  1. WHEN YOU ARE ALWAYS IN A RUSH – quality of work is most likely to be neglected when things are done in a rush. Observe yourself and figure out if you are finishing a project for the sake of meeting a deadline or if you are still finishing a project because you are satisfied that it is a job well done. 
  1. WHEN YOU CANNOT NAME YOUR CLIENTS – another sign that you are taking on too many clients is when you can no longer provide a brief and distinct explanation for each client that you are working for. When this happens, you are at risk of producing general content for them rather than personalising it depending on their taste and standards. 
  1. WHEN YOU ARE FATIGUED ALMOST EVERYDAY – the main reason most people shift to freelancing is because they want to feel that sense of work and life in good balance. This is impossible when you’re stretched too thin, and just as stressed as you were when you were working on a regular nine to five shift. This could take away the quality of work that you do and worse, take the fun out of being a freelancer. 

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