Signs you should NOT hire ‘THIS’ freelancer

With over 2 million freelancers working in the United Kingdom, the rise of the gig economy cannot be denied. Especially now that businesses are looking for people who are willing to work for a limited time and for a limited job that does not include the company shouldering employees benefits. More than ever, businesses want to employ teams who are knowledgeable, flexible and capable of working from home. It is a game-changing move for any business to have a group of people who are talented and skilled, productive and organised. 

If you are not doing your due diligence to choose your candidates, you might end up hiring someone who just overhyped their credentials.

Here are some red flags you can take note of to protect your business.


There’s a difference between being an expert and just knowing things. The can-do-it all type of people can be mostly identified through their cover letters that guarantees expertise in different fields of work. 


If you’re using a freelancing website like Upwork, one wise thing to do is to include a small instruction within your job posting to see which freelancers are really paying attention to your post. Words like ‘attach resume with cover letter and use the subject line “for job 123”’ could work. If a freelancer fails to follow such simple instructions, chances are higher that you might have a problem. That they aren’t able to follow the actual instructions of the job you’re looking to hire them for.


Hiring a freelancer means you wouldn’t be having much chance to spend time with them building rapport aside from the project you asked them for. If a freelancer responds late, this can be a red flag that you might get some trouble communicating with them in the future.

Although we cannot assume that the signs stated above are true because at the end day, we cannot generalise people. Those few signs can help in some ways if you are an employer in need of freelancers. 

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