Speed up your internet while working from home

Nothing beats a speedy internet connection. Just imagine the high amount of satisfaction when you do not have to worry of losing your internet in the middle of a meeting, research project, or whatever work you do that requires access to the worldwide web. It’s good to realise that stressing over WiFi is not going to happen because you know that you have a stable and reliable internet. Many work from home employees are dependent on the use of the internet and that is because they have to communicate with their colleagues or clients online so they remain on the same page as everyone else even if they are at home. 

Having problems with your internet speed?  Here are some easy steps to speed up your internet while working at home:

1. Move the Router to a Different Location

  • This is the usual answer to speed up the internet and all you have to do is move the router around and see if that improves the signal. You may opt to place the router to a high, central place in the house where the signal can reach every space in your place. 

2. Check Software Data Usage

  • See the devices in your house or software that uses data. If you are using a PC with Windows 10 or equivalent then you might need to open the task manager and see which applications are using the network.

3. Change Password

  • You might be experiencing slow speeds because someone else is hijacking your internet subscription. As a solution, it is important if you have changed your password to something strong. Simply go to your router’s configuration page in a browser to access your router settings. 

4. Use Wired Connection 

  • using wireless internet is convenient but using ethernet cable can provide stable and faster internet speed. Plug your cable into the main socket and make sure that the cable isn’t tangled.

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