Steps in making an IMC strategy

In a previous article, we discussed Integrated Marketing Communication or for short, IMC, and helped you to define what it is and how it affects your business. That’s not all that is included in this particular work. Marketing used to be fragmented but today, it can be fully integrated hence IMC. It has developed in such a way that if a customer is unhappy with a company’s product or service, the company will know about it in real time. 

Yes! IMC also works even for small and medium enterprises. As the United Kingdom has  5.94 million small businesses which is  99.3% of the total business. SMEs account for 6.million businesses in the country too. Making SMEs account for three fifths of the employment and around half of the turnover of the UK private sector. With a competition so tight, how would your business stand out? 

Incorporate IMC into your business. How? 


There are lots of tools to used to reach out to your target market however not all tools are as effective as you think, especially if the communication platform you use does not match the message you are conveying and the people you are aiming at. As part of your IMC strategy, it is imperative to identify various marketing communication methods. 


We’ve been telling you time and again that a plan is very important for any business. A comprehensive communication plan is essential to execute your marketing strategy. 


Lastly, you have to understand that your customer has their own decision-making process and they are the ones to decide which product or services they intend to purchase. What you should be prioritising here is to come out with a solution while fully understanding the problem your customers are facing. 

With COVID19 still on the rise as a pandemic, many businesses are struggling to increase sales and productivity. If you are an entrepreneur, you should consider IMC in your business to increase customer engagement. 

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