Tech Startups in Brighton

Home to four times more companies than the average city in the UK, the Silicon Valley by the Sea known as Brighton was coined as startup capital of the country in 2018. It is also named as the UK’s most entrepreneurial city best suited to start a new business. With a distinct range of businesses operating in the city, Brighton fosters a diverse and responsive crowd for SMEs. If you are a startup and you would like to begin your journey in this city then here are some of the tech startups you should watch for in Brighton: 

  1. Brandwatch- a social intelligence group offering marketers a portfolio of social and content marketing technologies created in 2007 that caters the software needs of 1,200 innovative thinker businesses, including Unilever, Whirlpool, British Airways, Walmart and Dell.
  1. Marinatex- Brighton graduate Lucy Hughes won the James Dyson Award 2019 for her invention MarinaTex – a translucent and flexible sheet material made of fish offcuts and red algae that could be used for a range of single-use packaging. 
  1. Emteqlab– Emteq is pioneering the development of emotion-sensing wearable technology used in VR, AR or a pair of glasses. Founded by Graeme Cox and Charles Nduka in 2015 and is headquartered in Brighton, East Sussex.
  1. The Student Room– Founded in 2002, The Student Room is the natural destination for young people to connect. As the largest online engagement platform for students in the UK. The Student Room has data, insights and analytical tools to target marketing messages to the young people businesses want to reach.
  1. FUTRLI– Award winning Xero App 2015 & 2018 allows you to track cash flow and a bunch of other things easily and works for accountants and bookkeepers, providing them with the tools they need to enhance their businesses to grow and succeed. 

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