What will happen to the Temping industry over Christmas 2020?

Christmas is the most wonderful season as gift giving and family reunions are part and parcel of this time of year. It is not news to any of us that the 2019 Coronavirus has cancelled all plans related to mass gatherings. With more than 800,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus UK and nearly 45,000 recorded deaths, COVID-19 has also affected the employed due to retrenchment, retirement, furlough, or dismissal programs of companies throughout the UK. What are the chances that temping will be supported by businesses during the winter months? 

Of course, having a seasonal job is not an ideal way to earn a stable income; however, it can be a great way to boost cash flow without having to commit to a position long-term especially now that we’re in a crisis. Temp work also leads to new skills and experience that you can add to your CV and could be your edge when applying in the future.

Good thing, there are high street shops who are looking to hire extra staff to meet higher demand during the upcoming season.

Marks & Spencer

Seasonal positions available: sales floor customer assistant; cafe customer assistant; chef; warehouse operative.

Salary: between £8.72 and £9


Seasonal positions available: sales assistant.

Salary: not specified.


Seasonal positions available:Christmas Concierge Day/Night

Salary: £8.75 – £10.75 per hour

If you are looking for Christmas temp jobs, you can easily surf the internet. Find available gigs on sites like Indeed, PeoplePerHour, or Freelancer. There might be adjustments made by businesses because of the pandemic. Still, it isn’t a reason for giggers to stop hustling in fear of not finding temp work. 

In fact, you can still be Santa Claus or a Christmas Elf temp, the only difference is that you will be wearing a facemask. The amazing thing about people is that we always tend to find ways to adapt to new challenging situations.

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