The Essential Negotiation Skills For Freelancer

Freelancers are experts in their profession. They are also business managers who brand themselves, pitch their services, manage their finances, and negotiate deals with potential clients. For independent contractors, such dialogues can be challenging. Many people are terrified by hearing the word “negotiating.” 

Negotiation can generate just as much anxiety, tension, and fear as speaking in public. And we totally understand this as no-one is born with good negotiation skills. 

People can easily forget something especially if they are overwhelmed with information. Now just imagine how many facts one must have to retain in one’s mind to make sure that the message is not easily forgotten?

A must have negotiation skills for freelancers would be understanding.

If you are well aware of what the client needs then you are one step closer to effective agreement. Knowledge is the key so better to do your research and prepare ideas in advance on the topic you are trying to negotiate. Secondly, whenever clients would agree but ask for your rates, chances are you would be stuck on agreeing to it instantly rather than negotiating your rates in fear of losing the project. But stop it! When the cost is brought up, remind them that you will send them a written quote shortly after the call, after you have given careful thought to the project scope. However, at the end of the day, a good negotiator would be the one who always knows and finds a way to meet the client in the middle. Achieve a win-win situation for you and your client by negotiating. This doesn’t have to be a lose-win situation.

Freelancers who do not negotiate well face missing out on potential revenue, stalling the expansion of their project portfolio, and missing out on future opportunities that otherwise come through client referrals.

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