The importance of silencing notifications after work

Working from home became the new normal during the pandemic. While working from home has always been an option for people, it used to be common for freelancers and contract workers. Now it is commonplace in even the most established of businesses. Banks have their staff working from home, council offices have moved to a home-based set up, everyone is aboard the home based working train. 

Even though it is common now, not everyone can easily adapt to this new work setting. Due to the series of lockdowns and management opting to have employees continue their work remotely, technology like smartphones became a necessity more than ever. Before, one might choose to use a phone that is only capable of sending and receiving sms or calls; Now, having that simple version of a mobile phone might leave you out at work. 

Applications like Zoom for cloud meeting became the new way of communicating with employees, bosses, and even clients. Lunch meetings in restaurants were replaced by meetings online to reduce the risk of being infected. With 3.54 million active cases of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, it is getting harder for companies to resume normal operations that is why whether employees like it or not, they need to adapt to the changes in accordance with the health protocols.

Now that work from home is commonplace, many employees tend to forget the limitations of work that even after regular working hours, they are still accepting job-related emails, calls, and even tasks. For that reason, we encourage you to refrain from receiving more tasks when the time of the day for resting begins. 

What is the importance of silencing your notifications after work even if you are working from home? 
  1. Gives you a work-life balance. 
  2. Provides you enough time to rest and have some time for yourself.
  3. Avoid stress in the middle of the night. 
  4. Helps you sleep better at night. 
  5. Makes you more relaxed and at peace. 

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