The polite way to quit a freelancing job

Remember the first time you thought of entering the gig economy? Relive the feeling of excitement mixed with anxiety. The world of freelancing seems foreign and scary.  It is nothing like the standard 9 to 5 that you might have been used to. It is not sitting behind the same desk, in the same cubicle doing the same tasks as you have been used to for a long time. Before the trend of freelancing took centre stage, things were very different. 

With over 2 million freelancers to be found in the United Kingdom, the numbers are expected to soar as millennials or the younger generation gets interested and attracted to the advantages it provides that cannot be found in a nine to five shift. Moreover, as the world continues to be slowed down by the pandemic, people are turning to more ways to earn money– and that is by taking extra gigs to make ends meet. 

All of the above-mentioned is true, we cannot deny the reality that even those who spend years working in the gig economy get to a point where they want to quit. For whatever reason there may be, when we leave a part of us behind, we want to end it as politely as possible. 

How to quit freelancing politely?

Send adequate notice

Leaving does not necessarily mean forgetting the relationships you have formed with previous clients and co-freelancers. The best way to leave the gig economy is to discuss frankly with the people who seek your service your thoughts and feelings and goals. These people might be there for you in the future too. Never burn bridges, you don’t know when you might need to walk across them again. 

Help find replacements

You will have clients who will seek you out for your service thus leaving them might take time for them to find someone who can match their requirements or standard. Better to help them find people you believe they can reach out to continue their business.

Set a right timing

Whatever you do, do not ghost your clients! Moreover, make sure that you submitted the projects completed and get paid for all the projects you’ve made before leaving.

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