Things that could be helpful in getting started in the Gig Economy?

When you are getting started in the Gig Economy, you are not going to be the best. No one starts off best in something. Everyone begins small and then, over time, gets better, and builds up. This is a crucial aspect in starting things. The gig economy or the Uberization of work as coined by Forbes, is the new trend among the millennials. The internet, laptops, and smartphones have made it easier to connect with different people around the world and of course, this enables people to seize opportunities that earn money from short term tasks without committing to one single company for longterm work. That is what Gig Economy is in a nutshell. 

Giggers or gig economy employees can be freelancers, independent contractors (consultants, brokers), project-based workers, contingent employees, and other outsourced, temporary and part-time hires. Now, you might be familiar with many job vacancies that offer minimal time of work within the day and you might be just as curious as many individuals on how to start earning an income during your free time, even at home. Here are some things that could be helpful in getting started in the Gig Economy.

  • CREATE A PORTFOLIO – before you kickstart your career in gig work you are also expected to submit a resume just as you would in any interviews. However, as you are applying over the internet, having an online portfolio is essential to stake a claim for gigs. 
  • PREPARE FOR INTERVIEW – clients may opt to interview you and it is only essential to have yourself equipped to answer the possible questions that may arise. 
  • LAPTOP AND INTERNET – technically, you won’t be able to land a job in the gig economy if you do not have at least a laptop and a stable internet connection. It is imperative to have such tools in order to do work, find work, and get more work. 
  • KNOW YOUR NICHE – what work do you want to do? Where are you experienced and skilled? If you target people who need your skills you are more likely to find work in the Gig Economy. Knowing your Niche, and the companies that can benefit from your skills will help you to build a network and build contacts that could offer work.

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