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Business and Hiring Managers who need to pay close attention to resource allocation and keep their expenses in line with company goals will welcome freelance opportunities as part of their repertoire of tactics to cut costs while maintaining high-quality results.

Most companies have limited resources to use during the normal course of business. A special project may require talent not available within the company, or a boon to business may not leave enough hands on deck. What’s an understaffed company to do? The natural flow of thought should turn to hiring qualified freelancers to fill that gap.

Things to Remember When Hiring Freelancers:

  • Check credentials to assure that your freelancer is indeed qualified and experienced in the area of knowledge or skill that you need. Or you can skip this step and let a Staffing Agency do it for you.
  • Communication is the key; always be ready to quickly provide answers and information on the full scope of the project.
  • Expect to pay a fair price, not cut-rate fees, for top talent. Pay fast and fair to lure the best freelancers to your project.
  • Hire as soon as you know you have the need for outside help. Allow enough time for the work to be done properly; if it is a rush job, offer higher pay for that inconvenience.
  • Make sure your billing is done appropriately. Don’t know if you need to provide a W2 or a W9? Read this, then consult with your accounting department.
  • Review portfolios carefully and look at samples of previous work. Do not expect contractors to give you free samples; their past work is indicative of their skill and talent.

The Main Benefits of Hiring Freelancers:

  • You can have top-quality expertise anytime you need it, regardless of those on your current payroll.
  • Overhead and benefit costs are reduced when you use a contractor rather than taking on a new employee.
  • Freelancers may be hired directly or through a staffing company. Some staffing companies rent them out by the job or hourly. Learn more about these agencies here.
  • Freelancers can be independent, on-call, temporary, or hired by contract for jobs.

Use resource allocation as you think outside the box; there are many freelance opportunities you can take advantage of to extend the reach of your company’s limited resources.

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