Things to unlearn from the pre-covid era

In business, we all know that nothing is permanent and as days pass by, what was then a trend can be replaced by new things. No one expected that the change that was brought about when the first positive case of 2019 Coronavirus multiplied and eventually placed the whole world in lockdown. Businesses in the United Kingdom alone felt the negative implications of the virus as a lot of employees were left with no choice but to leave their jobs and even established brands in the UK paused operations due to the threat to an individual’s health.

Of course, we cannot blame employers if they were not able to save a hundred percent of their employees’ salaries and jobs. Admit it or not, we were all unprepared.

In this article, we will recap the things entrepreneurs have been learning before the pandemic began. Hereunder are some of the things to unlearn in pre-COVID19 era: 
  • Learn to unlearn the way you market your brand – if you are more focused on the PR side of publicizing your business, you should unlearn a bit of that and begin learning how to be relatable and relevant to the market. Going digital with more online than offline marketing will help.
  • Learn to unlearn how to get the most from your employees – lockdowns are now a thing and being at home most of the time is encouraged to reduce the risk of being infected. If you are the type of employer who would ask an employee to do overtime, you can cross that off your list. Getting the most from your teams now, means allowing them to work their right hours, at the right time, and giving them as much of a work-life balance as possible. 
  • Learn to unlearn how you value work – things are changing in this new normal. What was valuable might not be so valuable now. Health is a focus, education, time with your family, and saving money in case of emergencies. Reduced spending on things that are not necessary, and focusing on what is true value. 

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