Trends In Customer Service

A business should always innovate and adapt no matter how small it is especially in providing quality customer service. Customer Service is the delivery of service to customers before, during, and even after purchase. Moreover, it is so important that it could make a customer loyal to your business, or bad customer service can turn away hundreds of customers immediately. Keeping old customers loyal is easier than making new ones. In these changing times, businesses should look to trends in Customer Service to provide the best experience for their customers. Communication is vital in determining a business’ success and reputation. 

The trends in customer service are shaping the challenge of how best to communicate with customers, this includes an increase in automation and digitization. Customers are expecting a seamless experience and here’s some of what you need to know as a business owner:

  1. Chatbots– Chatbots make great information delivery systems but they can’t answer complex questions. Chatbots can reply instantly to a customer eager for basic information about your business and could save them the hassle of finding different pages about your business. Must have links to articles and a fully detailed FAQ Page.
  1. Intelligent Self-Service Tools– Since Chatbots are very limited in providing answers, CSS or Customer Self Service allows your customers to fix the problem on their own through an automated task management system provided by your business. 
  1. Remote Customer Service – freelancing is growing and businesses should consider revamping strategy to access ‘global’  customer service. Hiring freelancers to be a Customer Representative Agent is not just financially smart but also provides customers the comfort to speak with someone they can easily relate to (i.e. culture, values, religion, language)

Innovation is continuous and businesses, no matter how grounded, should be able to prioritise the importance of providing the best customer service. Always let your customer’s welfare be your top priority and for sure, your business will grow successfully in the future. 

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