Unusual Freelance Jobs

If you’re thinking that gig work is limited to article writers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, food delivery, and other usual gig works you are familiar with, you are wrong. There is much more to it than that! 

In this article, you will find odd freelance jobs than you can probably apply for. 

  1. Human Statue

Have you ever seen a statue at a mall or park where you need to insert a penny then the statue started moving– that’s basically what this job is about. Actually, it is an old job that requires an individual to dress-up in a certain cartoon or an icon.  Other such street entertainment can be included in the Gig Economy.

  1. Voice-Over 

Are you a fan of watching internationally produced movies with local language voice translation? If so, then you basically have an idea of what voice-over work is. Usually, voice-over work requires people with good language skills and a good and clear voice to translate the script and speak when actors are speaking. This is common in countries where the language is not considered a mainstream language and therefore translated by the film producers. 

  1. Water Slide Tester

Odd right? Truth is, Water Slide Testers check to see if the water slides in parks are both fun and safe. If there are parents in the pool area that question slide safety, you would be the one to assure them that it is free from hazards, you can consider showing them your business card to ensure that you are truly on the clock. 

  1. Online dating ghostwriter

With the advent of online dating applications, people with no experiences on how to present themselves in the online world need help from ghost writers to make their profile interesting. 

  1. Professional cuddler

Also known as professional snugglers; they are called to snuggle with clients at all hours of the day regardless of the client’s age,race, and backgrounds. This job is a form of touch therapy which is totally platonic. The goal of this job is to make people feel safe, accepted, respected, and worthy for who they are. 

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