Using Temp Agencies In Your Business

Running a business includes hiring employees and managing staff turnover. Staff coming and going is a natural process in business, but one that always has to be planned for. Some companies need extra staff for short periods, so could use a Temp Agency to fill that spot quickly, or could look at freelancers or outsourcing to fill vacancies quickly. 

In this article, you will have an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using a temp agency. 

Temporary workers (often referred to as temps) are workers who are hired on a short-term basis without long-term employment contracts and without company benefits. A Temp Agency is also known as a Staffing Agency, and it is their job to find and retain workers to be sent-out to the various businesses that they partner with.  The Companies are the one who pays the Temp Agency, while the Temp Agency pays the Temp Workers and Randstad is one of the best known Temp Agencies.

Advantages of using Temp Agency: 

Saves Money

Temp Agencies provide staff to companies with experience in the industry. Meaning, temp agencies have screened their employees first before sending them on contracts. This process can save you the expense and effort of training employees. In addition to that, the cost of using temp agencies is generally based on overtime rates, costs of hiring, costs of Human resources, education and training and is a quick solution whilst considering to fill vacancies full time.

Saves Hiring Time

Temp Agencies have all the manpower you need for specific tasks, or jobs in your business. They have a database of employees willing to work and readily available. It saves you the stress of finding qualified people and helps you maintain business functions.


Not all businesses require regular employees. In fact, hiring temporary workers might be the best thing for your business. Depending on your business needs, you can have flexible staffing by hiring temporary workers, since you just call the agency and tell them how many staff you need for the day and they are provided.

Builds Good Relationship with Staffing Agency

Having to continuously ask for a temp agency to provide you temp workers means that there is daily communication, which can enhance your relationships. The temp agency can fill all vacancies in your business with qualified people and can help out with future vacancies when the need arises. 

Some Disadvantages:

High Turnover of staff

Workers attendance can be sporadic, and you could have different people working for you every day. This could involve repeating the basic training everyday.

Skills of the staff

Temps are generally used to fill positions that do not require too much skill or experience and although pre-screening has been completed and CV’s checked, some staff might need more training than others.

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