Video Conferencing App: Which is Best?

Multiple applications for collaboration and video conferencing are being widely publicised recently, however the usability of such apps is a little vague. Most often, the press emphasizes only on issues of privacy or rapidly growing user statistics. Or the very entertaining failures when children, dogs or unwanted visitors attend the meetings. 

But in this article, we aim to compare the 4 most popular video conferencing applications- Zoom, MS Teams, Hangout, Meet to see which one you will find best. 

MS Teams  VS Zoom

For video conferencing, Skype is still a common choice. Skype, on the other hand, is gradually being phased out in favour of Microsoft Teams, a networking software included in Microsoft 365 subscriptions. For larger businesses, teams could be a successful option. Teams is also marked by its Office 365 interoperability (soon to be Microsoft 365). This implies that appointments in Outlook’s calendar, for example, are coordinated so that a user’s status during an appointment is shown as “busy.” Teams also make it simple to communicate e-mail messages and attachments. 

Zoom on the other hand, Zoom recently obtained Keybase in order to strengthen its security. End-to-end encryption is now supported by Zoom. In fact, two-factor authentication is now enabled. Zoom is also available as a mobile phone and a laptop application. Customers are granted a Personal Meeting ID, which they use to begin a call at any time. This allows a meeting instantly, and when it comes to confidentiality, an unique meeting ID is preferable plus, Zoom calls can also be password protected.


Both web conferencing tools that are powered by Google: Hangouts,” which was basically a web channel for holding talks with different team members.  Hangouts enabled teams to easily share screens, and video conference calls as though you were in the same space  even if meeting participants are located all across the globe. Google Meet is a business-oriented version of Google’s Hangouts app that really is suitable for organisations of all sizes. It allows users to enter meetings through phoning contact information, letting people with unreliable internet connections to join.Users with a G Suite account have access to Google Meet, whereas anyone with a Gmail account has access to Hangouts.

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