Virtual team activities for remote teams

Less physical contact and more virtual contact. The 2019 Coronavirus pandemic has brought more people online than ever before. In the United Kingdom, digital use has intensified due to a series of lockdowns. More adults are shifting to the dependent use of social media and other online platforms as part of their daily routine. This pandemic is changing our communication. It has accelerated the adoption of online services to continue work– Zoom reached 659,000 internet users in January and 13 million in April and Microsoft Teams reached 6.5 million users according to Ofcom.

With this virtual set-up, how can team leaders manage their remote teams and lift their work morale? In this article, you can apply these few virtual activities to help your team develop a sense of unity and camaraderie even when everyone is working from home. 

1. Song Association

Materials: Random words 


The players should associate a given word in a song in a limited time. Each player will be given 1 minute to complete a word set. The one with the highest score will win. 

2. Guess the Emoji

Materials: Set of emojis 


The game master will flash a set of emojis on the screen and the players will try to guess what they are conveying. You can also add categories to the emoji so your players will have a focused genre to think about.

3. Can You Hear Me Now?

Materials: Random photos 


The game master will describe an image using geometric shapes, letters or numbers that the team members will draw as precisely as the original photo. The most accurate one will win. The speaker cannot give any vivid description other than geometric shapes, letters or numbers. 

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