Ways to avoid working overtime at home

Working from home is now the new normal. Before the pandemic, most companies used home working as a perk, a benefit or a treat for people. Now it is a necessity.  People are forced to stay at home because of a series of lockdowns. While working from home, many people start work earlier or work later in order to complete their work. The time saved on the commute is time added to the working day. According to a study, it shows two-thirds of UK employees are overworking by an average of 6.3 hours per week, and that’s before the pandemic. 

Although the benefits of working from home are being able to work whenever you want, the feeling that you need to compensate for your productivity is so wrong. 

Overworking can be dangerous to your mental health and to your productivity the longer. Longer hours does not always mean more work.  

To prevent this from happening, here are some ways to reduce overworking that you can do while working from home: 

Set clear boundaries

When working from home, have a clear office space where you can set your mind on work. Set an exact time that you will comply and share it with everyone so that you won’t be distracted during your work schedule. And remember to stick to it no matter what happens. 

Focus on immediate tasks 

Sort your projects from highest priority to least. Always plan how you will work everyday by listing down the tasks that you have on your plate. 

Learn to say ‘no’ 

If you can’t handle projects and you know yourself that doing all at once won’t help you get any better at meeting deadlines; learn to say no. 

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