Ways to manage coworker who thinks they’re the boss

Having a hard time dealing with a coworker who is aggressively bossing everyone around the workplace? 

Maybe you are not experiencing it, but I am sure that you have heard about it.  It is a common problem. We all get to experience that situation sometimes. There are coworkers who tend to give constructive opinions about your job even if you did not ask for it. They may be bossing colleagues around too. They might try to decide who gets what role on a project and usually, he or she either gets the best or the easiest part. No matter what type of situation, one thing is for sure, having a coworker who thinks they are the boss is plain annoying. Moreover, it can even get worse if your manager seems not to mind, or not to care. Maybe the boss, or team leader is too busy or he or she just doesn’t see the problem. 

Dealing with a bossy coworker everyday is frustrating and exhausting.  Here are some steps that may help you to hopefully address the situation.

Ways to manage coworkers who think they’re the boss?


  • One effective step is speaking up. If you think your coworker does not realise how aggressive and leading he or she may be, you can begin opening up about your ideas or approach to the project which can be the opposite from your coworker. Leadership roles in office should be shared so that everyone can have the opportunity to give their insights.


  • You can also try to talk about the things you dislike about your coworker and try to meet halfway. However, since chats and emails can cause misunderstanding, it is better to speak with the person face-to-face. 


  • Your boss is there for a reason, and one of that is to make sure that the team is having a good workflow. There is a chance your manager is unaware of the problem and it is best if you communicate with him or her too so that your boss can take the proper actions to solve the problem.

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