We call queue for you

We can probably relate to the hundreds of complaints that people experience when they call busy customer service lines. One of the main reasons customers dislike calling customer service is having to wait on hold. For the majority of us, it means either a long wait on hold or having to call many times to reach a customer support professional. This is even worse since there is no way of knowing how many callers are in line ahead of you (unless it is mentioned) or how many agents are currently working. It can be made worse by a bad choice of hold music, or even long periods of silence. 

Call queuing technology enables workers to answer all of your customers’ calls in a single queue at the right time. It holds customers in line, tells people where they are in the line and can be used for informative messaging. The difficulty of only receiving one customer call at a time is removed with cloud telephony. Less customers drop off, more customers are happy to wait and with clever recorded messaging, or interactive messaging, there could be some fun ice breakers to the call when it starts. 

Customers who need to talk with a call center or contact center have a 20-second average wait time. If callers are made to wait more than a few seconds, they will hang up. How can you, however, guarantee that callers are patient enough to wait until an agent is available?

Call Queueing is the solution. Queuing customers or callers who have made a phone call to the call center enter a queue and wait their turn. Callers wait for an agent to finish a current discussion before speaking with them in a virtual queue. A typical practice in call centers is queuing up for incoming calls. The phone system greets callers with a message and menu options before submitting their calls to the queue.

Automated Call Distributor (ACD) technology is used to distribute incoming calls among various operators. Callers benefit from the call queues, as do the support staff at the call center. As demand increases, certain call lines enable more staff to assist existing agents and provide callers with uninterrupted service. With this, your customers who are waiting to receive your company’s service are accommodated with ease. 

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