What do people struggle with at home?

Many believe that being at home means peace and relaxation. It may be true for some, but for sure, not all of us have that luxury.  Some of us have young children, wives, dogs, cats and home schooling to contend with at the same time as writing, researching and trying to work. There are other challenges and struggles too. 

Now it is imperative to understand what people struggle with at home so we can communicate better with them. Of course, if you are an employer or a team leader at work, it is necessary to know the reasons too so there would not be any disruption in the workflow.

What do people struggle with at home?
  1. Family Matters – Family relationships can substantially affect mental health, behaviour and even physical health. Many studies proved that social relationships, particularly family relationships can result in long- and short-term effects on one’s mental health
  1. Bills Payments – people are reminded of the utility bills they need to pay at home and whether we like it or not, it can affect one’s productiveness negatively if stress consumes a person because of the finances he or she needs to settle. According to studies, people who worry about their finances can get sleeping problems. Moreover, problems dealt with money can also affect a person’s social life as they might feel lonely or isolated.
  1. Tending to children – if a person is a parent who needs to take care of their children, this might be another reason for struggles at home. For mothers who need to breastfeed their babies, women were struggling for so long to juggle careers and motherhood. This applies too for men as they need to be part of guiding their children’s growth. 

Looking after a person’s well being is important as it may lead to many consequences in their life that may affect their social relationships. Being able to have a positive relationship in the workplace is good but if someone is dealing with struggles at home, this may also cost them their relationship at work if their performance turns bad. 

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