What do you need to invest in for the future?

Thinking of investment whilst stuck at home for months due to the pandemic? Or just curious about how to prepare for the days to come? No matter where you are, or where your focus is,  there is always research for innovation available. Being at home can offer you an opportunity to deep-dive into your career hopes and dreams and wishes and consider the next steps in your professional life. 

Investment does not necessarily have to mean financial investment, or stock exchange, or savings accounts.  It is not always financial.  Investing in your health is important. Investing in your career, your education or your social presence is equally important. 

Whether you’re about to begin your first job or making a career change, now is the right time to prepare for your future. Here are some helpful things you might start thinking about in regards to investing: 

  1. Figure out what you really want – life is too short! If you are contemplating leaving a job that pays the bills over choosing what your heart desires, there is a lot to think about. What if we tell you that finding a well paying job that you enjoy is possible? The internet has connected thousands of people around the world and finding the perfect job for you might just need a few clicks on the browser. Do you prefer an office job, or do you want to interact with people from all over the world? Every field offers a variety of different positions to meet your dream job requirements. What is your dream job? What would make you happy?
  1. Build an online presence – social media is a new world. What happens online, stays on line. We cannot take it down or forget even if we want to because it is now part of our reality. Gone are the days when employers only scan the physical CV an applicant sends. Nowadays one of the key ways people introduce themselves to a potential employer is through an online presence. Depending on the field, you should be able to present your skills like creative writing by running a blog or use your social media accounts to authentically portray your interests and personality. Investing in your social presence is important for investing in your future. 
  1. Expand your knowledge – education is always helpful, and people are never too old to learn new skills that may be useful in the future. The internet provides us with hundreds of ways to access content that can provide useful knowledge and experience. Learning new skills and mastering them is a great way to invest so when the future comes, you are ready to take on other opportunities that require mastery of the skill you have practiced for. 
  1. Save money – you should always have a savings plan, even if it is just a little.  Some people say that the first thing you should spend your salary on is the bills, mortgage, insurances.  Others say that as soon as you get paid, move some immediately into savings and forget about it. 
  1. Sidelines add value – Noone ever got rich working 9 to 5. The rich have multiple streams of income, rental income, sideline income, main job income and investments.  Do you have any way of adding an extra income stream into your salary?

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