What has Covid taught us?

Learning and putting into practice what was learned is important to thrive and move forward. What has Covid taught you about new technologies and new ways of working?  The fear of virus transmission has highlighted the transformative power of digital technologies. We heavily rely on the use of digital media. It helps people to access real-time information exchanges about the virus. It also informs us about the status of government financial support for business and individuals. It provides a means of continuing commercial and economic activity which is imperative as the Global economy affects every business and all economic activity of every country. 

The ability to connect online has served as a lifeline to literally millions of global citizens anxious for safety. Social media engagement became a tool to support other societal needs like work and education. With almost a year of adaptation to the new normal, for sure, we have learnings that may forever change how we perceive life. For that, what has COVID-19 taught us? 

  • Inclusion matters more – employees are anxious about their family’s health or have e-learning obligations with children out of school and we must acknowledge these factors that may affect how employees show up and function at work. It is important for employers to provide an efficient way to communicate as many times as possible so people won’t feel left out. 
  • Invest in technology – we have seen how technology played a crucial role and it is only necessary that we learn how to utilise it to our advantage because it is helpful and makes work easier.
  • Remote work is doable – we do not try to generalise but at some point, remote work is possible to be done even for regular employees. It might be difficult as each individual has a different situation but we cannot deny that this led us to another door to improve how remote work should be done for the future.
  • Learn and Adapt – The job that you have been doing from the office, or face to face can be adapted and changed. All things are fluid and nothing is forever. Learn to adapt to the new normal, develop new skills, change the way that you do things, so then, you are prepared for changes.  Change is the only constant. 

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