What is a direct phone dialing?

Can I have your direct number?  That is a common question that someone might ask who calls your company on a regular basis. They do not want to go through the call centre, or via your receptionist, they want to go direct. Going direct is faster, more efficient and more convenient. 

A cloud phone system provides you access to a wide range of business phone functions, along with many other modern features that companies on “POTS” (plain old telephone service) lines would not have. Route inward dialing is one of these functions, and it allows you to direct your company’s incoming calls to a certain individual, a particular phone device, perhaps several phone units.

A local phone company (or local exchange carrier) offers a block of telephone numbers for dialing into a firm’s private branch exchange (PBX) system using Direct Inward Dialing (DID). Without needing an actual line into the PBX for each conceivable connection, a firm may provide its clients separate phone numbers for each employee or workstation inside the organisation using DID.

DID technology can facilitate a small number of leased external lines to a large number of internal corporate phone numbers. Consider the technology to be a highly flexible phone exchange that links your PBX to the public phone network.

For instance, whenever a company’s marketing department employs more people, new phone lines might be quickly allocated to the department utilising DID. Let’s assume a boss at your organisation relocated from one physical location to another during the day; DID technology would enable you to swiftly redirect the boss’s phone number to keep track of their workload.

Direct-dial numbers, direct dial, and direct dial-ins are some of the other names for DID. When someone says “contact me at the direct number,” they’re basically referencing this. Another known support for a similar system known as Direct Outward Dialing is also available (DOD). That is what your workplace phone system uses to make outbound calls. You’d use DOD to avoid having to call or connect to an operator before dialing a number.

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connections in the DID service are comparable. DID numbers are allocated to a communications gateway to enable users of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to directly contact users of VoIP phones. The gateway establishes a connection between the PSTN and the VoIP network, directing and interpreting calls between the two.

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