What is RootKit?

Do you ever wonder who might be spying on you? Who has access to your computer and can see your files, passwords and content?  Are they storing it up for when there is something good, or are they using it at the same time as you?  Or is there no-one there? 

A rootkit is a load of malicious software that is hidden on your computer and is designed to allow unauthorised users access to files and work areas that are ordinarily off-limits to them. It is possible for hackers to exploit holes in your software in order to remotely install and manipulate it. Rootkits employ a range of tactics in order to avoid detection. Once a threat lurks in the kernel level, which controls the entire system, even detection algorithms can be tricked. Rootkits have the capability of booting up alongside your operating system and intercepting its communications.

UNIX systems have an administrator account known as “root,” which is where the term “rootkit” originates. Once an intruder acquires root-level (administrator-level) access to your computer, nothing on your computer is safe. There are rootkits that can be used to conceal keyloggers, which can record your keystrokes and transfer your sensitive information to third parties without you being aware of it. A denial-of-service attack or a spam email campaign against other computers can be initiated from your computer, which serves as a launchpad for the attack.

Corrupted downloads, phishing scam, or other similar technologies are examples of how a rootkit could infect your computer and take over your system. In order to keep yourself safe, you must be aware of what you are downloading and from where it is coming from at all times.

When using the Internet, remember to take the most stringent security procedures possible. A firewall and antivirus solution, as well as spam filtering and web content filtering, should be implemented at the enterprise level, in addition to other measures. If you make sure that all of your operating systems and critical software solutions are secure, you will be well on your way to keeping your information safe and secure.

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