What jobs have replaced people with automation?

The pandemic caused a lot of turmoil in our society and the United Kingdom is not an exemption especially now that a new variant of the virus has originated from the country. This life-changing routine brought by COVID-19 has made businesses, governments, and even typical citizens adapt to the so-called ‘new normal.’ 

In 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) , 1.5 million people in England will be at high risk of losing their jobs because of automation. As workers are replaced with bots, this innovation may lead us to a resolution. Of course, now that we are under a pandemic, having technology to work more than humans may reduce the possibility of spreading the virus however, this may also lead to a bigger unemployment rate. Well, we are not saying that robots would ultimately take over the human work force but since some works tend to be repetitive, the jobs to be mentioned below are some of the possible jobs greatly affected if automation becomes a required concept for every business. 

Jobs at risk for automation
  1. Waiters
  2. Shelf Fillers
  3. Elementary Sales Occupation
  4. Bar Staff
  5. Kitchen and Catering Assistants
  6. Dental Practitioners 
  7. Secondary school professionals
  8. Senior Professionals on Occupation
  9. Higher Education Teacher
  10. Medical Practitioners

The list was taken from the ONS 2019 list of jobs at risk for automation. Having read the list, we can observe that most of the jobs affected came from the tourism and hospitality sector. This list can still go longer as long as the virus is here to stay in the country without government imposed preemptive actions for its people’s safety. Automation is happening fast and for that many jobs to be lost to coronavirus-induced cutbacks could be a huge setback in this difficult time.

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